Transparent splash art for Lyney from Genshin Impact


"So long as the audience thinks that 'seeing is believing,'' there's no limit to the number of tricks I can pull off!"

Lyney, the mysterious magician teased back in 2020 in the Travail trailer, is still just as mysterious today as he was back then. He, along with his twin sister Lynette, is the leading magician's show in Fontaine.

Lyney is an on-field Pyro DPS with a niche in bow Charged Attacks and mono-Pyro teams. Although he has no off-field presence, his quick rotation has him disappearing before the enemies see the secret behind his magic.

Lyney can be slotted into most teams as a typical Pyro DPS, but that won’t let his kit shine to its max potential. This makes team building more restrictive. He’s also a Charged Attack centric character, making him more difficult to play on mobile and for those less proficient with aiming.


Common Drop

Image of MATERIAL common drop material from Genshin Impact Lyney uses Fatui badges as his common drop. Luckily, veteran players should have a massive stockpile. And for those that don’t, Fatui soldiers are found everywhere in Tevyat.

Local Specialty

Image of MATERIAL local specialty from Genshin Impact Rainbow Roses is one of the new local specialties in Fontaine. They’re most plentiful in the Beryl Region.

Talent Book

Image of Equity talent material from Genshin Impact Lyney uses the Equity family of talent books. They’re obtained from the Rhyming Rhythm domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Normal Boss

Image of MATERIAL normal boss material from Genshin Impact The Emperor’s Resolution, dropped from the Emperor of Fire and Iron, is used as material for Lyney’s Ascension.

Weekly Boss

Image of MATERIAL weekly boos material from Genshin Impact Lyney uses the Primordial Greenbloom material dropped from the Guardian of Apep’s Oasis for his high-level Talent upgrades.


Normal Attack: Card Force Translocation

Icon for Lyney's normal attack in Genshin Impact

Normal Attack: "Performs up to 4 consecutive shots with a bow."

Plunging Attack: "Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact."

Charged Attack: "Performs a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, flames will run across the arrowhead before being fired. Different effects will occur based on the time spent charging.
·Charge Level 1: Fires off a Pyro-infused arrow, dealing Pyro DMG.
·Charge Level 2: Fires off a Prop Arrow that deals Pyro DMG, and upon hit, it will summon a Grin-Malkin Hat.
When firing the Prop Arrow, and when Lyney has more than 60% HP, he will consume a portion of his HP to obtain 1 Prop Surplus stack. Max 5 stacks. The effect will be removed after the character spends 30s out of combat. The lowest Lyney can drop to through this method is 60% of his Max HP."

Grin-Malkin Hat: "Can taunt nearby opponents and attract their attacks. Each opponent can only be taunted by the Hat once every 5s. ·The Hat will inherit a percentage of Lyney's Max HP. ·If destroyed, or if its duration expires, it will fire off a Pyrotechnic Strike at 1 nearby opponent, dealing Pyro DMG. 1 Hat can exist at any given time."

Arkhe- Pneuma: "At certain intervals, the Prop Arrow will cause a Spiritbreath Thorn to descend upon its hit location, dealing Pneuma-aligned Pyro DMG."

Lyney is a Charged-Attack character, so it’s expected his Normal Attack has a lot going on. Although it’s wordy, looking at the parts separately makes it easy to understand.

Landing a Level 2 Charged Attack will do several things: summon a Grin-Malkin Hat, grant him a buff by reducing his HP, and unleash a Pneuma attack.

The Grin-Malkin Hat taunts enemy attacks and fires one projectile after its 4-second duration ends.

The buff increases the damage of his Skill, which we’ll cover in the next section. But be mindful of Lyney’s health, as he won’t gain the buff if he’s less than 60% max HP.

Finally, the Pneuma attack is a Fontaine-exclusive mechanic that can be ignored unless you are facing specific enemies or solving puzzles.

Lyney uses every aspect of his kit, but most of his damage comes from the Normal Attack scaling. This should be the first priority.

Elemental Skill: Bewildering Lights

Icon for Lyney's skill in Genshin Impact"Lyney does a flourish with his hat, unleashing a firework surprise! When used, he will clear all current Prop Surplus stacks and deal AoE Pyro DMG to opponents in front of him. DMG will be increased according to the stacks cleared, and this will also regenerate Lyney's HP based on his Max HP."

"When a Grin-Malkin Hat created by Lyney is on the field, the fireworks will cause it to explode, dealing AoE Pyro DMG equal to that of a Pyrotechnic Strike. The DMG dealt through the Grin-Malkin Hat in this way is considered Charged Attack DMG."

Energy Generation: 5 particles

Lyney’s Skill does three things: deals AoE damage, explodes the Grin-Malkin Hat, and heals himself.

The Skill’s basic damage is a quick AoE attack, and increases significantly from the buff gained from his Charged Attack and Burst.

The Grin-Malkin Hat explosion transforms it from a single-target projectile into an AoE attack. It also gives it the aspect of Charged Attack DMG, which we will look at later.

Finally, the Bewildering Lights heals Lyney, which synergies well with his Charged Attack’s HP drain.

Lyney’s Skill is reliant on the rest of his kit. Try to obtain as many stacks of the buff as possible before using Bewildering Lights, and make sure there is a Grin-Malkin Hat on the field. Be quick though, as the Grin-Malkin Hat only lasts for 4 seconds.

Bewildering Lights is a good chunk of Lyney’s overall damage and should be leveled up alongside his Normal Attack.

Elemental Burst: Wondrous Trick: Miracle Parade

Icon for Lyney's burst in Genshin ImpactEnergy Cost: 60 "Unleashing his magic, Lyney turns himself into a Grin-Malkin Cat that can move around quickly. (Not to be mistaken for the Grin-Malkin Hat. They're two different props!) When the Grin-Malkin Cat gets close to opponents, it will send flames falling down on them, dealing at most 1 instance of Pyro DMG to each opponent. When the duration ends, he will dismiss the Grin-Malkin Cat and ignite fireworks that deal AoE Pyro DMG, summon 1 Grin-Malkin Hat, and grant himself 1 Prop Surplus stack. Grin-Malkin Cat can be actively canceled."

Lyney’s Burst is the simplest part of his kit. It transforms him into a Grin-Malkin Cat for 3 seconds, deals damage to enemies he comes into contact with, and explodes at the end. He summons a Grin-Malkin Hat and gains one buff stack.

Lyney’s Burst is the lowest source of his overall damage, but not by much. Don’t neglect to level this as well.

Overall Talent Priority

Normal Attack > Skill > Burst

Lyney uses all his Talent every rotation, so all are worth leveling up.

Passive Talents

Trivial Observations

Icon for Lyney's first passive in Genshin Impact"Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Fontaine on the mini-map."

Lyney’s Utility Passive is the always-helpful compass for Local Specialties. Especially helpful for going into a new nation.

Perilous Performance

Icon for Lyney's second passive in Genshin Impact"If Lyney consumes HP when firing off a Prop Arrow, the Grin-Malkin hat summoned by the arrow will, upon hitting an opponent, restore 3 Energy to Lyney and increase DMG dealt by 80% of his ATK."

Perilous Performance makes Lyney’s combo less flexible, but the bonus makes up for it. The increased damage will only apply to the Grin-Malkin Hat summoned from his Charged Attack, and won’t affect the Burst one. Therefore, using the Skill after the Charged Attack, not the Burst, is important.

Conclusive Ovation

Icon for Lyney's third passive in Genshin Impact"The DMG Lyney deals to opponents affected by Pyro will receive the following buffs:
·Increases the DMG dealt by 60%.
·Each Pyro party member other than Lyney will cause the DMG dealt to increase by an additional 20%. Lyney can deal up to 100% increased DMG to opponents affected by Pyro in this way."

Conclusive Ovation also makes Lyney less flexible but for team-building.

Lyney wants to attack enemies affected by Pyro to obtain the massive 60% damage increase. He doesn’t do well in vaporize, burning, or melt teams because elemental reactions eat up the Pyro aura.

This mono-Pyro playstyle is further encouraged by granting an additional 40% damage from having two other Pyro team members.

Lyney can be slotted as a typical Pyro DPS in any team. This bonus damage will just become less reliable to maximize.


Lyney has a simple and fun rotation. It’s Burst -> Charged Attack -> Skill -> Charged Attack. (The Burst can be skipped if it’s not ready.) Let’s break it down.

First, the Burst will deal damage to all the enemies, summon a Grin-Malkin Hat, and grant him a stack of the buff.

Second, the Charged Attack will grant him a 2nd stack of the buff and summon a Grin-Malkin Hat to replace the first one.

Third, the Skill will explode the Grin-Malkin Hat and consume all stacks of the buff for a significant increase in damage, and heal himself.

Finally, loosen a 2nd Charged Attack before swapping to another teammate. This will give Lyney a 3rd stack of the buff for his Skill to use when he next takes the field. And summon a Grin-Malkin Hat to keep the enemies taunted away from his teammates.


Constellation 1: Whimsical Wonders

Icon for Lyney's first constellation in Genshin Impact"Lyney can have 2 Grin-Malkin Hats present at once. Additionally, Prop Arrows will summon 2 Grin-Malkin Hats and grant Lyney 1 extra stack of Prop Surplus. This effect can occur once every 15s."

Whimsical Wonders is a fun constellation, but it doesn’t change Lyney’s playstyle or combo. Now his Skill will explode two Grin-Malkin Hats and he’ll have one extra stack of the buff.

Unfortunately, this constellation is on a 15-second cooldown, so it will only trigger on the first Charged Attack in his combo, and not the second.

Constellation 2: Locquacious Cajoling

Icon for Lyney's second constellation in Genshin Impact"When Lyney is on the field, he will gain a stack of Crisp Focus every 2s. This will increase his CRIT DMG by 20%. Max 3 stacks. This effect will be canceled when Lyney leaves the field."

Constellation 2 is a simple Crit Dmg increase. After 6 seconds on the field, he’ll gain 60% more. Just in time for the big finale from his Skill.

Constellation 3: Prestidigitation

Icon for Lyney's third constellation in Genshin Impact"Increases the Level of Normal Attack: Card Force Translocation by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15."

Prestidigitation is a very unique Con 3 that upgrades Lyney's Noraml Attack rather an a Burst or Skill. The first of it's kind.

Constellation 4: Well-Versed, Well-Rehearsed

Icon for Lyney's fourth constellation in Genshin Impact"After an opponent is hit by Lyney's Pyro Charged Attack, this opponent's Pyro RES will be decreased by 20% for 6s."

Lyney’s Constellation 4 is decent, as Resistant reductions are rare and powerful. But unfortunately it’s only single-target and lasts a short duration, so his teammates won’t benefit much from it.

Constellation 5: To Pierce Enigmas

Icon for Lyney's fifth constellation in Genshin Impact"Increases the Level of Wondrous Trick: Miracle Parade by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15."

Constellation 5 is the typical Burst level increase.

Constellation 6: Guarded Smile

Icon for Lyney's sixth constellation in Genshin Impact"When Lyney fires a Prop Arrow, he will fire a Pyrotechnic Strike: Reprised that will deal 80% of a Pyrotechnic Strike's DMG. This DMG is considered Charged Attack DMG."

Guarded Smile is very underwhelming for a Constellation 6. It’s essentially a weaker, second arrow when he fires a Level 2 Charged Attack.

Constellation Final Thoughts

Lyney has good early Constellations but not great late ones. Constellation 4 & 6 aren’t worth the cost of obtaining multiple copies.


Symbol for 5 star rarity in Genshin Impact 5* Weapons

Image of the weapon The First Great Magic from Genshin ImpactThe First Great Magic

Base ATK: 608
Sub Stat: Crit Dmg 66.2%

Parsifal the Great: (R1) "DMG dealt by Charged Attacks increased by 16%. For every party member with the same Elemental Type as the wielder (including the wielder themselves), gain 1 Gimmick stack. For every party member with a different Elemental Type from the wielder, gain 1 Theatrics stack. When the wielder has 1/2/3 or more Gimmick stacks, ATK will be increased by 16%/32%/48%. When the wielder has 1/2/3 or more Theatrics stacks, Movement SPD will be increased by 4%/7%/10%."

Lyney’s signature weapon has a lot going on. First, it increases Charged Attack damage. And if you recall from earlier, any Charged Attack damage increase will also apply to the Grin-Malkin Hat exploded by his Skill.

When used on Lyney, 1 other Pyro teammate will increase his attack by 32%. A second Pyro teammate will increase it by 48%.

The movement speed increase doesn’t bring any value. It’s low and unnoticeable, even at the highest level.

The First Great Magic is Lyney’s best-in-slot weapon for mono-Pyro teams.

Image of the weapon Polar Star from Genshin ImpactPolar Star

Base ATK: 608
Sub Stat: Crit Rate 33.1%

Daylight's Augury: (R1) "Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG increased by 12%. After a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits an opponent, 1 stack of Ashen Nightstar will be gained for 12s. When 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Nightstar are present, ATK is increased by 10/20/30/48%. The stack of Ashen Nightstar created by the Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst will be counted independently of the others."

Since Lyney uses every part of his kit, Polar Star is a great option for him. By performing the normal combo, he’ll gain a 30% attack increase. A Normal Attack can easily be included at the start of the combo to gain the 4th stack of Ashen Nightstar.

Image of the weapon Amos Bow from Genshin ImpactAmos' Bow

Base ATK: 608
Sub Stat: Atk 49.6%

Strong-Willed: (R1) "Increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. After a Normal or Charged Attack is fired, DMG dealt increases by a further 8% every 0.1s the arrow is in the air for up to 5 times."

Amos’ Bow is the best non-limited 5* option as it increases Charged Attack damage. Which also increases the Grin-Malkin Hat explosion.

Icon for 5 star rarity in Genshin ImpactSymbol for 4 star rarity in Genshin Impact4* Weapons

Image of the weapon Scion of the Blazing Sun from Genshin ImpactScion of the Blazing Sun

Base ATK: 565
Sub Stat: Crit Rate 18.4%

The Way of Sunfire: (R5) "After a Charged Attack hits an opponent, a Sunfire Arrow will descend upon the opponent hit, dealing 120% ATK as DMG, and applying the Heartsearer effect to the opponent damaged by said Arrow for 10s. Opponents affected by Heartsearer take 56% more Charged Attack DMG from the wielder. A Sunfire Arrow can be triggered once every 10s. "

The new battlepass bow is Lyney’s best 4* weapon. It has a Crit Rate substat, deals respectable additional damage, and increases Charged Attack damage by a huge 56%. Unfortunately, that increase is a single-target debuff, and the weapon is locked behind a paywall.

Image of the weapon Song of Stillness from Genshin ImpactSong of Stillness

Base ATK: 510
Sub Stat: Atk 41.3%

Benthic Pulse: (R5) "After the wielder is healed, they will deal 32% more DMG for 8s. This can be triggered even when the character is not on the field."

Song of Stillness is the new craftable bow from Fontaine. It’s Lyney’s best, f2p 4* weapon. Especially since R5 is easy to obtain. Since Lyney damages himself, he’ll want a healer on the team. That, included with Lyney’s self-healing, will give the DMG increase a high uptime.

Image of the weapon Prototype Crescent from Genshin ImpactPrototype Crescent

Base ATK: 510
Sub Stat: Atk 41.3%

Unreturning: (R5) "Charged Attack hits on weak points increase Movement SPD by 10% and ATK by 72% for 10s."

Prototype Crescent is another craftable bow. It gives a huge amount of Attack but with the caveat of having to land a weak-point Charged Attack. Which is more difficult for those that play on mobile or struggle with aiming.


Desired Stats

Icon for the Sands of Eon artifact slot in Genshin ImpactSands of Eon


Although Lyney has some HP drain and restoration built into his kit, he does not scale with HP. Attack is the best option for the Sands piece.

Icon for the Goblet of Eonothem artifact slot in Genshin ImpactGoblet of Eonothem

Element Dmg%

Not much to say here. Pyro DMG% is the best option.

Icon for the Circlet of Logos artifact slot in Genshin ImpactCirclet of Logos

Crit Rate% = Crit Dmg%

Lyney gains Crit Rate through Ascension. And most of his best weapons have either Crit Rate or Dmg as a substat. Use either a Crit Rate or Dmg Circlet depending on the weapon choice and other relic substats. Try to obtain a 1:2 ratio.

Sub Stats

Crit Rate% = Crit Dmg% > ATK% > Energy Recharge%

Lyney has a typical DPS build. Aim for Crit subs and then Attack. He would prefer to Burst every time he takes the field, so some Energy Recharge isn’t a waste. But his best team is mono-Pyro, which will give him extra energy. His Burst only costs 60 energy, so 120 - 130% Energy Recharge is more than enough.

Marechaussee Hunter

Icon for the NAME artifact set in Genshin Impact2-Pieces: "Normal and Charged Attack DMG +15%"
4-Pieces: "When current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 12% for 5s. Max 3 stacks."

The new Fontaine relic set, Marechaussee Hunter, synergies relatively well with Lyney. He welcomes the Charged Attack increase, and he has built-in HP decrease and increase. Thou he will have to rely on teammates for additional healing to keep the Crit Rate buff up.


Icon for the NAME artifact set in Genshin Impact2-Pieces: "Pyro RES increased by 40%."
4-Pieces: " Increases DMG against opponents affected by Pyro by 35%."

Lavawalker is unironically decent for Lyney. His A4 Passive Talent is a built-in Lavawalker set, so capitalizing to maximize the set is natural for him. And veteran players may already have a set in storage.

Wanderer's Troupe

Icon for the NAME artifact set in Genshin Impact2-Pieces: "Increases Elemental Mastery by 80."
4-Pieces: "Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow."

Wanderer’s Troupe is very similar to Lavawalker. Both have a useless 2-Piece bonus, give a 35% damage increase, and are older so most players probably have a set in storage. The differences are Wanderer’s Troupe is easier to farm, but the damage increase only applies to Charged Attacks.


Mono Pyro

Lyney’s niche is being a DPS for mono-Pyro teams. His Passive Talent encourages it. His signature weapon encourages it. And if equipped, Lavawalker encourages it. This team typically consists of a defensive unit like Bennett, Dehya, Thoma, or C4 Yanfei. A support or off-field DPS like Xiangling, Bennett, Dehya, or Thoma. And an Anemo unit carrying Viridescent Venerer for Pyro swirls and Resistance reduction.