Transparent splash art for Yukong from Star Rail


"The sea of stars is vast and our journeys are difficult and long. Please look after yourself, no matter where you are."

Yukong, the rebellious Starskiff racer turned Helm Master, is solely responsible for navigating the planet-sized ship, the Luofu of the Xianzhou Alliance, toward their enemies like an arrow itself.

Yukong is primarily an offensive support, granting powerful, damaging buffs to her team. And secondarily a single-target sub-dps and Imaginary breaker.

Yukong currently has the highest stat-increasing buffs. But is held back by high skill point demands, inefficiency during auto-play, and precise speed tuning and turn order. Her difficulty to use and low buff uptime hinder her from truly reaching the stars.


Common Drop

Image of the artifex family common drop material from Honkai: Star Rail Yukong uses the Artifex’s family as common material for Ascension, Skills, and Traces. They’re dropped from machine enemies found on the Luofu.

Calyx Material

Image of the harmonic tune family calyx material from Honaki: Star Rail Like her Harmony sisters, Yukong uses the Harmonic Tune family to level up Skills and Traces. These materials can be farmed from the Calyx found in the Robot Settlement on Jarilo-VI.

Stagnant Shadow

Image of golden crown of the past shadow stagnant shadow material from Honaki: Star Rail The Golden Crown of Past Shadow is used in Ascension for Yukong. It’s obtained by defeating the Stagnant Shadow found in Backwater Pass on Jarilo-VI.

Echo of War

Image of destroyer's final road echo of war in Honaki: Star Rail Defeating the Echo of War on Herta’s Space Station will drop the Destroyer’s Final Road, used for Yukong’s high-level Traces.

Skills & Traces

Basic Attack: Arrowslinger

Icon for yukong's basic attack from Honkai: Star Rail

"Deals 100% of Yukong's ATK as Imaginary DMG to a target enemy." (Lv.6)

Energy Gain: 20

Toughness Break: 30

By itself, Yukong’s Basic Attack isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But later Talents and Traces give it additional functions.

Yukong’s Basic Attack is interesting in how it’s the primary source of her sub-dps damage. But simultaneously, she almost always wants to use her Skill during her turn.

If you find yourself using her Basic Attack more often than not, and you’ve built her with damage, upgrading this isn’t a waste of resources. But it should be a low priority and only after knowing it’ll get useful mileage.

Skill: Emboldening Salvo

Icon for yukong's skill from Honaki: Star Rail"Obtains 2 stack(s) of "Roaring Bowstrings" (to a maximum of 2 stacks). When "Roaring Bowstrings" is active, the ATK of all allies increases by 80%, and every time an ally's turn ends, Yukong loses 1 stack of "Roaring Bowstrings." When it's the turn where Yukong gains "Roaring Bowstrings" by using Skill, "Roaring Bowstrings" will not be removed." (Lv.10)

Energy Gain: 30

Toughness Break: 0

Yukong’s skill is the strongest part of her kit but the most difficult to manage. It gives a massive attack buff to the next two ally turns. Meaning it doesn’t last for two turns for every ally, but two total team turns.

This requires Yukong’s team to be built with precise speed turning. After the Skill cast, it’s imperative two allies who can capitalize on the attack buff move next.

This creates a massive limitation to her effectiveness to buff the team, but a technique called “Ultimate Bombing” can bypass it.

Ultimate Bombing is when you save the entire team’s Ultimates and use them one after another. Because no ally is “ending their turn”, every Ultimate will gain the benefit from her Skill (and Yukong’s Ultimate).

The downsides to Ultimate Bombing are it can’t be used during auto-play, it potentially lowers the total number of Ultimates used during a fight, and requires a strict order of Ultimate casts.

Yukong’s skill is a top priority to level-up as it increases her role as a Harmony teammate.

Ultimate: Diving Kestrel

Icon for yukong's ultimate from Honkai: Star RailEnergy Cost: 130 "If "Roaring Bowstrings" is active on Yukong when her Ultimate is used, additionally increases all allies' CRIT Rate by 28% and CRIT DMG by 65%. At the same time, deals Imaginary DMG equal to 380% of Yukong's ATK to a single enemy." (Lv.10)

Energy Gain: 5

Toughness Break: 90

It’s extremely important Diving Kestrel is used only after Yukong casts her Skill. Other than that, the rest is straightforward.

Unfortunately, it has a high energy cost, but fortunately, she has a few Traces and Eidolon to help compensate.

Level the Ultimate in tandem with her Skill. But focus on this first if you’re strapped for resources since it also deals a good chunk of damage.

Talent: Seven Layers, One Arrow

Icon for yukong's talent from Honkai: Star Rail"Basic ATK additionally deals Imaginary DMG equal to 80% of Yukong's ATK, and increases the Toughness-Reducing DMG of this attack by 100%. This effect can be triggered again in 1 turn(s)." (Lv.10)

Seven Layers, One Arrow is intrinsically linked to her Basic Attack. It increases the damage and doubles the amount of Toughness reduced.

Similarly, with her Basic Attack, test how you use her first before investing in the Talent. If her Basic Attack is never used, don’t bother. If it is, level it up alongside her Basic.

Overall Talent Priority

Overall, Yukong has a mix of very low to high talent priorities. It’s extremely important to upgrade her Skill and Ultimate to increase the buffs she provides, but her Talent and Basic Attack could stay and Lv. 1 or go to Lv. 10. Those really depend on how you’ve built and use Yukong.

Technique: Chasing the Wind

Icon for yukong's technique from Honkai: Star Rail"After using her Technique, Yukong enters Sprint mode for 20 seconds. In Sprint mode, her Movement SPD increases by 35%, and Yukong gains 2 stack(s) of "Roaring Bowstrings" when she enters battle by attacking enemies."

Chasing the Wind isn’t worth a technique point. The overworld speed boost is fine but grants no combat advantage. If you’ve built Yukong and the team correctly, she will always move before the DPS. Starting a battle with 2 Roaring Bowstrings just saves one Skill Point. Plus, it’s an initiating technique and there are much better options available.


Icon for yukong's first trace from Honkai: Star RailBranch 1: Archerion

"Yukong can resist 1 debuff application for 1 time. This effect can be triggered again in 2 turn(s)."

Hp: +4%

Imaginary Dmg: +3.2%

There isn’t much to say about this one. Resisting a random freeze is nice, but it doesn’t improve her kit.

Icon for yukong's second trace from Honkai: Star RailBranch 2: Bowmaster

"When Yukong is on the field, Imaginary DMG dealt by all allies increases by 12%."

Imaginary Dmg: +4.8%

Hp: +6%

Branch 2 is a constant, no-condition buff that Yukong herself benefits from. It gives some viability to running a full Imaginary team. Unfortunately, there are only three Imaginary characters at the time of writing.

Icon for yukong's third trace from Honkai: Star RailBranch 3: Majestas

"When "Roaring Bowstrings" is active, Yukong regenerates 2 additional Energy every time an ally takes action."

Atk: +6%

Hp: +8%
Imaginary Dmg: +6.4%

At first, Majestas might seem weak, but the key phrase is “every time an ally takes action”. Not when an ally takes a turn. It gives more viability to “Ultimate Bombing”. If a full team unleashes their Ultimates together, Yukong could recharge up to 10 energy via Majestas before her next turn. It will also trigger if any ally counters, follow-up attacks, or takes additional action, like Luocha’s auto Skill, before Roaring Bowstrings expires.

Stat Only Branchs

Imaginary Dmg: +3.2%

Atk: +4%
Imaginary Dmg: +4.8%


Eidolon 1: Aerial Marshal

Image of yukong's first eidolon from Honkai: Star Rail"At the start of battle, increases the SPD of all allies by 10% for 2 turn(s)."

Aerial Marshal is a nice buff for the team but makes speed tuning more difficult. Since it’s a % speed increase, every team member will gain a different amount. These variations will need to be considered when planning speed tuning, or it will throw everything out of order.

Eidolon 2: Skyward Command

Image of yukong's second eidolon from Honkai: Star Rail"When any ally's current energy is equal to its energy limit, Yukong regenerates an additional 5 energy. This effect can only be triggered once for each ally. The trigger count is reset after Yukong casts her Ultimate."

The second Eidolon helps Yukong’s high energy cost. Every time an ally reaches their energy max she’ll recharge 5 energy, up to 15 energy per Ultimate use. Skyward Command makes “Ultimate Bombing” easier to execute if Yukong is typically the last one to reach energy maximum. If not, it won’t have an impact.

Eidolon 3: Torrential Fusillade

Image of yukong's third eidolon from Honkai: Star Rail"Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10."

Torrential Fusillade increases Skill and Basic Attack by 2.

Eidolon 4: Zephyrean Echoes

Image of yukong's fourth eidolon from Honkai: Star Rail"When "Roaring Bowstrings" is active, Yukong deals 30% more DMG to enemies."

Eidolon 4 might say it increases damage by 30%, but really it will only increase Ultimate damage by 30%. Yukong will never get the chance to use her Basic Attack while Roaring Bowstrings are active.

Eidolon 5: August Deadshot

Image of yukong's fifth eidolon from Honkai: Star Rail"Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15."

This is the normal Ultimate and Talent upgrade.

Eidolon 6: Bowstring Thunderclap

Image of yukong's sixth eidolon from Honkai: Star Rail"When Yukong uses her Ultimate, she immediately gains 1 stack(s) of "Roaring Bowstrings.""

Bowstring Thunderclap is Yukong’s best Eidolon and gives much-needed flexibility. When using Diving Kestrel, she will now always activate the Crit Rate & Crit Dmg buff condition and trigger Eidolon 4.

This also makes “Ultimate Bombing” more reactive. It allows immediate execution when the entire team has reached full energy, rather than waiting until Yukong’s next turn to activate her Skill.

Eidolon Final Thoughts

Overall Yukong has pretty powerful Eidolon helping her rigid gameplay be more forgiving and flexible. Luckily they are accessible, since she’s a 4* and everyone will get one free copy starting in version 1.2.


Icon for 5 star rarity in Honkai: Star Rail 5* Lightcones

Image of but the battle isn't over lightcone from Honkai: Star RailBut the Battle Isn't Over

HP: 1164
ATK: 529
DEF: 463

Heir: (Si1) "Increases the wearer's Energy Regeneration Rate by 10% and regenerates 1 Skill Point when the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally. This effect can be triggered once after every 2 uses of the wearer's Ultimate. When the wearer uses their Skill, the next ally taking action (except the wearer) deals 30% more DMG for 1 turn(s)."

But the Battle Isn’t Over is currently the only 5* Harmony lightcone. It’s a decent option for Yukong, but “the next ally taking action” restricts her already restrictive playstyle more. The biggest benefit to this over the 4* options is the base stats it provides.

Icon for 4 star rarity in Honkai: Star Rail4* Lightcones

Image of carve the moon, weave the clouds lightcone from Honkai: Star RailCarve the Moon, Weave the Clouds

HP: 952
ATK: 476
DEF: 330

Secret: (Si5) "At the start of the battle and whenever the wearer's turn begins, one of the following effects is applied randomly: All allies' ATK increases by 20%, all allies' CRIT DMG increases by 24%, or all allies' Energy Regeneration Rate increases by 12%. The applied effect cannot be identical to the last effect applied, and will replace the previous effect. The applied effect will be removed when the wearer has been knocked down. Effects of the similar type cannot be stacked."

This is an excellent Lightcone for Yukong and her team, giving them a permanent, premium buff. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the Battlepass.

Image of dance dance dance lightcone from Honkai: Star RailDance! Dance! Dance!

HP: 952
ATK: 423
DEF: 396

Cannot Stop It!: (Si5) "When the wearer uses their Ultimate, all allies' actions are Advanced Forward by 24%."

Dance x3 is a superb choice if you want to maximize the effectiveness of “Ultimate Bombing”. It gives the team a massive push forward after executing, which could result in cutting before the enemy turn. This allows the team to clean up any survivors of the onslaught of buff-powered Ultimates.

Image of planetary rendezvous lightcone from Honkai: Star RailPlanetary Rendezvous

HP: 1058
ATK: 423
DEF: 330

Departure: (Si5) "After entering battle, if an ally deals the same DMG Type as the wearer, DMG dealt increases by 24%."

When combined with Yukong’s Trace, Bowmaster, Planetary Rendezvous gives every Imaginary teammate a never-expiring, massive 36% damage increase. But it should only be used with Mono-Imaginary teams.

Image of memories of the past lightcone from Honkai: Star RailMemories of the Past

HP: 952
ATK: 423
DEF: 396

Old Photo: (Si5) "Increases the wearer's Break Effect by 56%. When the wearer attacks, additionally regenerates 8 Energy. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn."

Memories of the Past greatly depend on how Yukong is used. This is a great choice for those who want to take advantage of the Archerion Trace, which doubles the Toughness dealt. But if the Basic Attack is never used, this shouldn’t be considered.

Relics & Ornament

Desired Stats

Icon for the body relic slot in Honkai: Star RailBody

Main Stat: Crit Rate% = Crit Dmg% > ATK%

Luckily, Yukong doesn’t gain any additional bonuses to her buffs via stats. So she has lower gear demands than other supports. Maximizing damage is the best use for Relics and Ornaments. Go for either a Crit Rate% or Crit Dmg% body piece. Whichever has the better subs, set, and brings her closer to the 1:2 ratio. If neither is available, sub for an ATK%.

Icon for the feet relic slot in Honkai: Star RailFeet

Main Stat: SPD

Speed is the only viable Feet option. Yukong wants to be faster than the DPS.

Icon for the planar sphere relic slot in Honkai: Star RailPlanar Sphere

Main Stat: Elemental Dmg% > ATK%

Same as the Body, maximizing damage is ideal. An Imaginary Dmg% piece will give more, but an ATK% can be used if it has superior subs.

Icon for the link rope relic slot in Honkai: Star RailLink Rope

Main Stat: Energy Regen%

Yukong is Ultimate dependent, and it has a massive energy cost. Energy Regen% Link Rope is the only way to go.

Sub Stats

Speed Target: 147
SPD > Crit Rate% = Crit Dmg% > Break Effect% > ATK%

Speed is the first substat to focus on. The minimum speed target is 147, but it is extremely important to prioritize speed tuning more than hitting this specific target. Yukong needs to go immediately before the DPS, especially if there are two on a team. Take all speed % buffs (like Yukong’s E1) into consideration. These won’t show up on the character’s profile page. Speed subs are where precise tuning will take place. It’s a good idea to have many pieces with a variety of speed ranges.

After speed, shoot for Crit Rate% and Crit Dmg% to maximize her damage. Some ATK% in there would be good too.

Break Effect% isn’t a horrible stat as it compliments her doubled Toughness breaking Basic Attack. Unfortunately, Imaginary Break doesn’t deal damage. More Break Effect only pushes the enemy Action Bar back further.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Icon for the musketeer of wild wheat relic set from Honkai: Star Rail2pc Effect: "ATK increases by 12%."
4pc Set Effect: "The wearer's SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%."

Musketeer of Wild Wheat is Yukong’s best set, with the 6% speed boosting being the reason. Just remember, the 6% won’t show up in her character profile. It’ll need to be taken into consideration during speed-tuning calculations.

The 10% Basic Attack increase is a give-or-take. It really depends if you use her Basic Attack or not.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

Icon for the thief of shooting meteor relic set from Honkai: Star Rail2pc Effect: "Increases Break Effect by 16%."
4pc Set Effect: "Increases the wearer's Break Effect by 16%. When the wearer inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, regenerates 3 Energy."

If you like Yukong for her increased Imaginary break playstyle, and don’t need the extra speed for turn order, Thief of Shooting Meteor is a great option.

Sprightly Vonwacq

Icon for the sprightly vonwacq relic set from Honkai: Star Rail2pc Effect: "Increases the wearer's Energy Regeneration Rate by 5%. When the wearer's SPD reaches 120 or higher, the wearer's action is Advanced Forward by 40% immediately upon entering battle."

Sprightly Vonwacq is desired for its 5% Energy Regen increase and potentially for the 40% Action Forward increase at the start of a battle. Just know that it’ll take more time to calculate the correct turn order.

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry

Icon for the talia kingdom of banditry relic set from Honkai: Star Rail2pc Effect: "Increases the wearer's Break Effect by 16%. When the wearer's SPD reaches 145 or higher, the wearer's Break effect increases by an extra 20%."

Like with Thief of Shooting Meteor, Talia: Kingdom of Banditry is the best option for an Imaginary break playstyle.

Fleet of the Ageless

Icon for the fleet of the ageless relic set from Honkai: Star Rail2pc Effect: "Increases the wearer's Max HP by 12%. When the wearer's SPD reaches 120 or higher, all allies' ATK increases by 8%."

Fleet of the Ageless is a good middle ground between the above two. It’s easy to use and generic, but not as powerful for a specific playstyle.


Duo Hyper-carry DPS

Because Yukong has the strongest buffs, but only for the next two allies, running duo hyper-carry DPS is viable. The drawback is only one spot is available for a defensive unit, like a healer or shielder. This makes the team riskier during drawn-out fights, especially bosses with multiple phases.

Imaginary Teammates

Running Yukong in a mono Imaginary team is viable thanks to her Trace, Bowmaster, and the Lightcone, Planetary Rendezvous. The issue is only 3 Imaginary units are currently available, which doesn’t give much room for flexibility.

Damaging Ultimates Teammates

If “Ultimate Bombing” is being considered, building a team with allies who deal damage with their Ultimates is imperative. Healers like Bailu or buffers like Bronya won’t gain any benefit from Yukong’s massive buffs.

Counter and Follow-Up Teammates

Teammates who perform follow-up attacks or counters have an interesting synergy with Roaring Bowstrings. As long as they act within its limitations, they will gain the benefits. This tactic is less dependable as it relies on the enemy or other teammate’s actions. But it could be fun, nonetheless.