Bloom is the elemental reaction between Hydro and Dendro. It produces a Dendro Core on the field when triggered and has different effects depending if Pyro (Burgeon) or Electro (Hyperbloom) comes into contact with the Core. If the Dendro Core is left alone, it will explode after 6 seconds, causing AoE Dendro damage to enemies and the player. Up to 5 Dendro Cores can exist on the field at the same time. If a sixth is produced, the oldest one will explode immediately.

Bloom teams revolve around producing Dendro Cores for AoE damage while mitigating team damage through healing and shields. Grouping enemies together is an effective tactic to maximize the explosion AoE.


The example teams are not intended to be the best for that specific archetype. Some of them are strong, while others are just fun teams that will struggle in the highest levels of the Abyss. Some archetypes are weaker than others, as they don’t have a strong roster to draw from. But that doesn’t make them less enjoyable to play in the overworld.

We tried restricting each team to no more than two limited 5* units.

All the archetypes have multiple lineups that work. Use these guides to help you experiment with your own teams!

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The basic Bloom team is comprised of only Hydro and Dendro. This guarantees that only Bloom reactions will occur. They focus on producing as many Dendro Cores as possible and nothing else. This archetype also benefits from both Dendro and Hydro resonance.
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Nilou Bloom (Example Team)

Nilou’s kit is tailor-made for the Bloom team. When her team consists of only Hydro or Dendro units, a special Dendro Core will be produced that explodes faster, has a larger AoE, and deals more damage.

In this example team, Dendro Traveler and Collei are the off-field Dendro appliers and Nilou is the off-field Hydro. Kokomi uses the most field time, applying more Hydro and healing all the damage the team sustains from the extra deadly Bountiful Cores.

Nilou Kokomi Traveler Collei


Bloomguard is a team that protects itself from Dendro Core damage by deploying a Geo shield, rather than healing the damage taken.

Bloomguard can theoretically rely on the elemental shields generated through the Crystallize reaction, but Geo does not react with Dendro. Therefore there are no Dendro shields with extra strength against Dendro damage. So you want a Geo shield, because they have a 150% absorption bonus from all damage types.

Core Flex
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Kaveh Bloomguard (Example Team)

In this example team, Zhongli’s shield is used to withstand the Dendro Core damage, as well as provide a resistance reduction, increasing every source of the team’s damage. Including Dendro and Dendro Core damage, which is something Anemo can’t do.

Nahida provides a ton of off-field damage and Dendro application, and boosts the team’s Elemental Mastery.

Although Xingqiu is the only Hydro, at C6, he applies the most Hydro per second in the game.

Kaveh is the main on-fielder, triggering Xingqiu’s Rainswords, Nahida’s Skill, and detonating Dendro Core early with his Skill.

Xingqiu Kaveh Zhongli Nahida


Bloomstorm is an archetype that focuses on gathering all the enemies and Dendro Cores together to capitalize on the AoE explosion.

This is a less flexible team because you need an Anemo unit equipped with Viridescent Venereer and strong CC abilities, and an on-field Hydro unit.

You want two off-field Dendro applies because Anemo will only swirl Hydro, acting as a secondary source. You want an on-field Hydro unit so they can take advantage of the reduced Hydro resistance the Anemo unit provides.

Bloomstorm is better for large groups of enemies while Bloomguard is better for fewer.

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Ayato Bloomstorm (Example Team)

In Ayato Bloomstorm, Dendro Traveler and Yaoyao provide off-field Dendro application. Yaoyao heals the team’s damage from by the Dendro Cores.

Venti has the strongest CC in the game and provides Ayato with the Hydro resistance reduction.

Both Ayato’s Burst and Skill synergize well with Venti’s black hole. The Burst has quadratic scaling, and Ayato’s slashes are able to hit enemies bobbing up and down within.

Ayato Yaoyao Traveler Venti