Melt is the elemental reaction between Pyro and Cryo. Melt is an Amplifying reaction. Instead of dealing an independent instance of damage, Melt makes the triggering attack stronger.

If Melt is triggered with Cryo reacting on Pyro, it will increase that attack’s damage by x1.5 times. This is called Reverse Melt.

If Melt is triggered with Pyro reacting Cryo, it will increase that attack’s damage by x2 times. This is called Forward Melt.

Forward Melt consumes more Cryo aura, making it less reliable than Reverse Melt. This means more Cryo units applying Cryo more frequently is required for Forward Melt. Reverse Melt, although weaker, is able to trigger Melt more often, making it stronger overall.

All in all, there are two main points to keep in mind with Amplifying reactions.

  1. Consistency is better.
  2. The more powerful the triggering attack is, the larger the reaction will amplify.


The example teams are not intended to be the best for that specific archetype. Some of them are strong, while others are just fun teams that will struggle in the highest levels of the Abyss. Some archetypes are weaker than others, as they don’t have a strong roster to draw from. But that doesn’t make them less enjoyable to play in the overworld.

We tried restricting each team to no more than two limited 5* units.

All the archetypes have multiple lineups that work. Use these guides to help you experiment with your own teams!


The basic Melt team takes advantage of both Cryo and Pyro resonances. Since Reverse Melt is typically easier to play, it’s recommended to have an on-field Cryo unit with off-field Pyro units.
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Pyro Kaeya Melt (Example Team)

In this example team, Kaeya is the main on-fielder triggering the majority of the Melt reactions.

Layla provides a shield and consistent off-field Cryo.

Bennett buffs Kaeya’s attack and deals one powerful Melt reaction if timed right.

And Xiangling provides off-field DPS and Pyro. She’ll occasionally trigger a Melt as well.

Layla Kaeya Xiangling Bennett

Global Warming

Global Warming is a Forward Melt team that replaces one of the Pyro units with either Anemo or Geo. Pyro has a much higher Swirl priority, so be sure to only Swirl when there is no Pyro on the field.
Core Flex
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Hu Tao Melt (Example Team)

This Hu Tao Melt team attempts to Forward Melt Hu Tao’s charged attacks.

Both Layla and Ganyu provide a consistent source of off-field Cryo, with Layla also providing a shield.

Kazuha also wants to Swirl Cryo with his Burst, to provide more Cryo.

Hu Tao will Melt as much as she can, but she will eventually overpower the Cryo.

This is a fun team but consistency is difficult to maintain.

Layla Ganyu Hu Tao Kazuha

Icy Hot

Icy Hot is a Reverse Melt team that replaces a Cryo unit with either Anemo or Geo. Pyro should be Swirled to give the Cryo unit more to Melt. Since Pyro has a much higher priority than Cryo, you don’t have to worry about the order of elemental application.

Icy Hot is more consistent than Global Warming, but has less big number attacks.

Core Flex
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Ayaka Melt (Example Team)

Ayaka Melt uses Ayaka as the on-field DPS, using her infused charged attacks to trigger the Reverse Melt reaction.

Bennett provides a large attack buff and a powerful instance of Pyro for Ayaka to Melt.

Thoma provides consistent, off-field Pyro.

And Kazuha will Swirl the Pyro, giving Ayaka more than enough Pyro.

Ayaka Bennett Thoma Kazuha


Freezemelt is an archetype that attempts to Freeze an enemy with Hydro and Cryo, and then apply Pyro to trigger a Melt reaction on said Frozen enemy. For this archetype, it’s important to apply Hydro and Cryo first, then Pyro, making this a pure Forward Melt team. Because of that, it will be less consistent.
Core Flex
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Kamisato Clan (Example Team)

The Kamisato Clan team uses Diona for off-field Cryo application and healing.

Ayaka is used for her off-field Cryo Burst.

Ayato provides a stable application of Hydro in a wide area with his Burst, and is the main on-fielder.

He triggers Freeze with his sword slashes, and then Thoma’s Burst follows up to trigger Melt.

Ayaka Ayato Thoma Diona


The Frostburn archetype uses the unique features of the Burning reaction to trigger consistent Reverse Melt reactions. Burning will slowly reduce the Dendro application, but continue to reapply Pyro. This acts as another Pyro unit applying their element. And because Cryo doesn’t react with Dendro, it won’t extinguish Burning as easily as Vaporize does.

The order of elemental application is very important in this team. Dendro must be first, with Pyro second to trigger Burning. Then finally Cryo.

Core Flex
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Rizzy Forstburn (Example Team)

Rizzy’s Frostburn has Nahida as the off-field Dendro applier.

Bennett is used to light the first Burning reaction and buff Wriothesley’s attack.

Thoma is used to provide a supplementary source of Pryo to the Burning pile.

Wriothesley is the on-fielder, welcomed to Melt as much as he’d like.

Wriothesley Thoma Nahida Bennett