Freeze is the reaction between Hydro and Cryo. Freeze has a few unique features:

  1. Freeze deals no damage but instead immobilizes the target, preventing them from moving and attacking. Because of this, Freeze is also used as a form of defense and CC. If enemies don’t attack, you can’t take damage.
  2. If Geo or Blunt attacks, like from Claymores, deal damage to Frozen targets, Shatter will trigger. The Frozen status will be removed and Physical damage will be dealt.
  3. Although the Hydro aura has disappeared, both Hydro and Cryo co-exist. Double reactions can occur if a third element is introduced.
  4. Be aware that most Bosses can’t be Frozen.

Freeze by itself is not a powerful reaction, but it is an excellent secondary reaction, since it maintains both Hydro and Cryo and for its defensive nature. Freeze is also mandatory for Shatter archetype teams.


The example teams are not intended to be the best for that specific archetype. Some of them are strong, while others are just fun teams that will struggle in the highest levels of the Abyss. Some archetypes are weaker than others, as they don’t have a strong roster to draw from. But that doesn’t make them less enjoyable to play in the overworld.

We tried restricting each team to no more than two limited 5* units.

All the archetypes have multiple lineups that work. Use these guides to help you experiment with your own teams!

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The basic Freeze archetype focuses on maintaining a permanent Frozen state. The benefit of this is the defensive unit can safely be replaced with another sub-dps or buffer, allowing higher team damage.
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Circle Impact Freeze (Example Team)

This example team uses the power of circles to apply Cryo and Hydro in a wide AoE.

Mona buffs the teams’ damage and applies a powerful instant of Hydro. Her Constellation 1 also extends the duration of Frozen by 15%.

Ayato applies a consistent amount of Hydro over a wide, circular area.

Rosaria applies some Cryo within a smaller circle, but buffs the team.

And Ganyu is the main on-fielder while also applying consistent Cryo over a wide, circular area.

Mona Ayato Ganyu Rosaria


Blizzard is an archetype team where a Hydro unit is replaced with an Anemo unit, to spread Hydro and Cryo.

Hydro has a higher priority than Cryo does when Swirling, so it’s a good idea to have an on-field Hydro unit to take the most advantage of its resistance reduction.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Venti Blizzard (Example Team)

Venti Blizzard has Ganyu and Layla as off-field Cryo applicators.

Ayato is both the off-field and on-field Hydro applicator.

Venti is the CC, Hydro resistance reducer, and Swirler.

In this particular set up, you’ll want to start with Ayato’s Burst to apply Hydro on all units.

Then Ganyu, Layla, then Venti. Before swapping back to Ayato for on-field damage with his Skill.

Ganyu Layla Ayato Venti