Burning is the elemental reaction between Dendro and Pyro, dealing Pyro damage over time. Burning has some unique mechanics not found in other reactions:

  1. To trigger burning, Dendro must be applied first, then Pyro. If the reverse happens, Burning will not occur.
  2. Burning consumes Dendro while simultaneously applying more Pyro to an enemy. This tactic makes Burning useful as another source of Pyro for other reactions. But this doesn’t do much for the Burning archetypes.
  3. Similar to Frozen, although the Dendro aura icon disappears, Dendro reactions like Bloom, can still trigger alongside other Pyro reactions.

As it currently stands, there are no dedicated Burning units, making these archetypes struggle to produce strong results. But Burning is a great sub-reaction to add to any team.


The example teams are not intended to be the best for that specific archetype. Some of them are strong, while others are just fun teams that will struggle in the highest levels of the Abyss. Some archetypes are weaker than others, as they don’t have a strong roster to draw from. But that doesn’t make them less enjoyable to play in the overworld.

We tried restricting each team to no more than two limited 5* units.

All the archetypes have multiple lineups that work. Use these guides to help you experiment with your own teams!

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The basic Burning archetype team focuses on applying Burning to as many enemies as possible and maintaining the status for as long as possible. This means not applying other elements that will consume the aura, thus shortening its duration.

The basic Burning Archetype is extremely inclusive and can work with just about any Dendro or Pyro unit.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Lawyer on Fire (Example Team)

This example team has Yaoyao and Collei applying off-field Dendro, with Yaoyao also being healing.

Yanfei is the on-field damage dealer who applies the majority of Pyro.

Bennett buffs Yanfei’s personal damage.

Bennett Yanfei Yaoyao Collie


Firenado is similar to the basic Burning archetype, but it replaces one Pyro with an Anemo. The Anemo unit will swirl only Pyro and shred Pyro resistance with VV. You’ll want an on-field Pyro damage dealer to take advantage of this.
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Firenado-Mane Dehya (Example Team)

This example team has Dehya as the main damage dealer and on-fielder.

Collei and Baizhu apply Dendro off-field.

Kazuha provides CC, Pyro swirls, Pyro resistance shred, and extra Pyro damage to Dehya.

Dehya Baizhu Collei Kazhua


Firestone replaces one of the Pyro or Dendro units with a Geo unit. There aren’t really any special benefits to using a Geo unit in a Burning archetype since it isn’t self-damaging like Bloom reactions. But Crystallize doesn’t react with Dendro, which allows Geo damage to be dealt without worrying about reducing the burning duration.

The Geo unit can also hold Archaic Petra. This will increase the Pyro damage of the team. Use an on-field Pyro unit if you want to take advantage of this tactic.

Core Flex
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Ningguang's Firestone (Example Team)

Ningguang’s Firestone team has Nahida as the off-field Dendro applicator.

Xiangling as the off-field Pyro applicator.

And Bennett as Ningguang’s buffer to her on-field, personal damage.

Bennett Nahida Ningguang Xiangling