Burgeon happens when Pyro reacts to a Dendro Core, causing it to explode immediately with a larger AoE and more damage. While Bloom and Burgeon teams have a similar idea- deal damage with Dendro Cores while mitigating the self-inflicted damage, the increased complexity and danger of this reaction require more considerations.

Not only does Burgeon need at least one Hydro and Dendro unit to create Dendro Cores, but it also needs a Pyro unit to explode them. This leaves only one team spot left to fill any gaps. The Pyro unit also has some important criteria: they can’t apply too much Pyro, as the team will become more of a Vaporize or Burning archetype. And they need to apply Pyro in an AoE to trigger the Cores around the enemies. Thoma doesn’t apply too much Pyro, and it has wide AoE.

The larger AoE and increased damage mean stronger defenses- stronger shields, more healing, or staying further away from the Cores. Thoma creates a shield and his Pyro application has a long reach.

The order of Elemental application is also important. Dendro and Hydro must be applied first to create Dendro Cores, then Pyro. Again, Thoma only applies Pyro when the on-field character normal attacks, meaning you can choose when to fire the Pyro gun.

As you can tell, Thoma is a key unit in the Burgeon archetype. And he’s extremely easy to build, only needing to focus on Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery. While other Pyro units can fit, they tend to work worse in a majority of teams.


The example teams are not intended to be the best for that specific archetype. Some of them are strong, while others are just fun teams that will struggle in the highest levels of the Abyss. Some archetypes are weaker than others, as they don’t have a strong roster to draw from. But that doesn’t make them less enjoyable to play in the overworld.

We tried restricting each team to no more than two limited 5* units.

All the archetypes have multiple lineups that work. Use these guides to help you experiment with your own teams!

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The traditional Burgeon team is comprised of the core three elements. A 2nd Dendro unit is typically more desirable as that resonance is better than Hydro’s.
Core Flex
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Alhaitham Burgeon (Example Team)

This Alhaitham Burgeon team has Kokomi as the healer and off-field Hydro applicator. She’ll take some field time when using her Burst to trigger extra Dendro Cores.

Collei is the off-field Dendro applicator. While she doesn’t have the strongest off-field presence, the Dendro application is supplemented by Alhaitham.

Thoma is the Burgeon trigger.

Alhaitham is the main on-field unit, driving Thoma’s Burst, providing Dendro application, and dealing decent damage.

Kokomi Collei Thoma Alhaitham


Oven is an Archetype team when Cryo is used in the 4th slot. Cryo introduces Freeze and Melt reactions. And because it doesn’t trigger with Dendro, it doesn’t hinder the production of Dendro Cores.
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Liyue Bro's Cooking (Example Team)

Xingqiu and Chongyun are cooking together in this example team. Xingqiu applies more than enough Hydro to keep up with both Yaoyao’s Dendro for Bloom and Chongyun’s Cryo for Freeze. He also supplements a little damage reduction and healing.

Yaoyao is the off-field Dendro unit as well as the main healer.

Thoma is the Burgeon trigger.

Chongyun is the main on-fielder, driving Xingqiu’s Rainswords and Thoma’s Fiery Collapse. He also converts his normals into Cryo, causing both Freeze and Shatter due to him being claymore.

A themed full-Liyue team would be awesome, but unfortunately, Xiangling applies too much Pyro, making it less Burgeon archetype and more Vaporize.

Xingqiu Yaoyao Thoma Chongyun


Curry uses an Electro unit as its fourth slot. This introduces Electro-charged, Quicken, and Overload into the mix. And since Dendro, Hydro, and Electro can co-exist together, (in the forms of Electro-charged and Quicken), they won’t steal reactions from one another.

You’ll want to be careful not to use an Electro unit with a wide AoE like Raiden or Kuki as it’ll become a Hyperbloom team instead.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Dehya's Curry (Example Team)

Overall, Dehya’s Curry will produce fewer Burgeon explosions compared to Xingqui/Thoma teams, but it’s still fun nevertheless.

Furina provides off-field Hydro application and great damage. While her buff doesn’t increase the damage of Burgeon, it will for all other sources of the team’s damage.

Baizhu is the main healer and shielder, providing off-field Dendro application.

Fischl is one of the best Curry Electro units, as Oz has no AoE to trigger Hyperbloom.

Dehya is the Burgeon trigger. She’ll be on-field during her Burst, but then swap with Baizhu so he can apply more Dendro.

This team has a lot of synergy with Furina’s Burst. The self-inflicted damage from Burgeon, Baizhu’s team-wide heals, and Dehya’s self-heal will all translate to a stronger buff.

Furina Baizhu Dehya Fischl


Sauté uses Anemo as its 4th slot. There are two paths you can take with this archetype; an Anemo driver or an Anemo grouper.

The Anemo driver uses an on-field Anemo unit to trigger units like Thoma and Xingqiu, as well as provide constant VV shred to increase the team’s damage. The Hydro and Pyro swirls will cause more Blooms and Burgeons.

The Anemo grouper focuses on gathering the enemies and Dendro Cores together, then triggering them with Pyro for a massive fireball explosion.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Heizou Sauté (Example Team)

This example team uses Heizou as the Anemo driver.

It’s the exact same setup as the Oven example team with Xingqiu being off-field Hydro, Yaoyao being off-field Dendro and healing, and Thoma as the Burgeon trigger.

The difference is Heizou being on-field to trigger swirls for more Dendro Cores rather than triggering Freeze and Melts.

Xingqiu Yaoyao Thoma Heizou


The concept of the Chili archetype is to use a Geo unit that provides a Geo shield as the 4th slot. The Geo shield has extra strength against Burgeon’s Dendro damage, making it the best non-healing defense.
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4

Childe Chili (Example Team)

Childe Chili uses Zhongli, as he has the strongest shield in the game, and he provides an incredible resistance reduction for all elements, even increasing the damage of Burgeon explosions. Which is something Anemo can’t do.

Collei applies off-field Dendro, but she will struggle to keep up with Childe’s Hydro application. Nahida would be a powerful upgrade here.

Thoma is the Burgeon trigger.

Childe is the main on-fielder. Driving Thoma and triggering Dendro Cores.

Childe Collei Thoma Zhongli